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Orgsys offers end-to-end services that will help boost efficiency and competitive advantage, shifting valuable funds towards building innovation and reducing costs.
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Orgsys's consulting services combine best business practices and best-in-class technology to reach business goals.
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As a trusted partner, customers rely on Orgsys to help drive the IT agenda, moving beyond cost cutting, and delivery, but towards innovation and optimization.
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Orgsys Consulting is a boutique consulting firm that specializes in management consulting and technology services for the industries.
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Orgsys  is a Specialist ERP & Business Process Reengineering Consulting Company,  started up with experienced ERP & Subject Matter Expert consultants with  huge industry exposure.
The  company is there to help organizations significantly reduce costs and improve  effectiveness and efficiency through internal process improvements using ERP  products and solutions with Business process Experts.
Our  domain expertise, technical excellence and unique culture help businesses  thrive and be future-ready.

We enable our customers achieve competitive advantage through flexible and  global delivery models, agile methodologies and expert frameworks.
Orgsys's  ability to devise solutions is equally matched by our ability to execute. Our  differentiation stems from a unique balance of human perspective with deep  strategic thinking.
Our  values - collaborative spirit, unrelenting dedication and expert thinking help  us see possibilities where others see a full stop.
Orgsys  Consulting is an entrepreneurial-minded boutique consulting firm and from our  prior experiences in applying lean manufacturing principles and operations  management techniques in context of large scale operations, we have developed  expertise in business process management and system integration. Our consulting  team has successfully delivered solutions in various industries such as  offshore & marine, financial services, logistics, and aerospace. We also  work with a broad spectrum of clients, from the largest multinationals to  small, new ventures.
We  offer the full spectrum of services to our clients to help them achieve  world-class operational excellence. Through consulting, we will diagnose clients' situation, identify  opportunities for improvement, and make customized proposals. A good proposal  or idea is never enough, and we want to make sure that solutions are practical  and can be implemented. We will see through the fulfillment of the performance improvement initiatives tapping on  our expertise in delivering workable solutions. What's more, we do not see a  consulting engagement as a mere business activity but as an education opportunity to transfer our  knowledge and prompt awareness of system and lean thinking to a larger  audience.
Orgsys’s culture is deeply rooted in  a set of ethos and values that serves as a foundation for all that we do.  Orgsys provides research based consulting, that involves advice and problem  solving based on innovative and rigorous analysis of the client's problem. We  link people, process and technology to help them achieve profound sustainable  change, culminating in implementation with information technology expertise.  Our fact based, analytical and customized approaches combined with a commitment  to creating actionable solutions and working with our clients to drive  implementation provides our clients with a compelling value proposition for  their consulting investment. We work in partnership with our clients to help  them design and align their business around changing customer priorities,  economics and environments by achieving significant and measurable results. We  add value to each client engagement by seamlessly bringing together in depth  service skills with industry expertise.
We aim to help our clients manage their businesses by delivering knowledge based services through the following key areas:

Body of knowledge, skills and experience which our consulting team has to offer
Experience and knowledge of the application of our specialist skills in a specific domain (industrial sector, geographical area or type of problem)
Consultancy skills, which enable our consulting team to deliver our expertise within the clients' environment.
We  look forward to forge long term alliance with our clients and bring  independence and freshness of view. We deliver quality results through forming  effective working team with our clients in discovering problems and resolving  them; identifying opportunities and realizing them.
Orgsys consists of world class software engineers and computer scientists who have many years of experience in designing industry leading solutions. As technology consultants, we possess the following skills:
Analytical and Strategic Problem analysis and problem solving
Knowledge and experience in principles of good software design
Competency  in defining IT best practices and processes for product development
Technology  savvy in sync with latest developments, best practices, do's and don'ts in IT  and software development.
Great Communication skills - Good at interpersonal communication
Organizational skills
Engagement Model for IT Consulting
IT consulting can be arranged for any or all of the services mentioned here. The engagement is usually hourly based over a certain period of time. Certain number of hours are contracted to us to perform the scope of work identified by the client.
There is an hourly rate assigned to the work and the rate depends on the project time, scope and number of resources involved.
Working closely with customers
The  IT consultants work closely with the customers during the entire duration. They  also oversee all development (if required). There will be regular sync up  meetings once or twice every week with a report submission of work done and  progress.
Easy Communication
For  foreign projects, the consultants are available on SKYPE, GOTOMEETING ids at  comfortable PST and EST work hours. All communication can be done through  remote access.
Benefits of IT Consulting
Employing  an IT consultant on a software service project is equivalent to employing an  architect on a house construction project.
We deliver technical designs and implementations that take in consideration all theoretical principles of good software design. We provide competent and professional implementation of well designed solutions. We try and be perfectionists and also constantly track the product during its implementation. The value added is as follows:
Well-planned, strong and sustainable software for the long run.
Application specifications that are aligned with business objectives
Good Software Design
IT technologies, methodologies, strategies that meet client’s budget, timeline and requirements
Holistic view-point on overall development.
As a trusted partner, customers rely on Orgsys to help drive the IT agenda, moving beyond cost cutting, and delivery, but towards innovation and optimization. Customers appreciate the global capabilities and the Midwest work-ethic mindset. And we are confident you will too.
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"Orgsys made our system with all authorization & security, that were missing in previous implementation by the other big company. Their system audit process was unmatched & very timely to comply with SAP submission dates."

EDP Manager, MTPL

"Orgsys has a team of knowledgeable and experienced people in the utilities space... we'r working with them for betterment of our IT system and we've had great results."

Finance Head, MTPL

"Orgsys was willing to go beyond what we had initially agreed..their ability to listen and (their) speed of delivery had been very good."

President, MTPL

To contact us or request for a callback,please complete your details.One of our representative will surely get back to you,in order to discuss with your requirements.
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