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Orgsys offers end-to-end services that will help boost efficiency and competitive advantage, shifting valuable funds towards building innovation and reducing costs.
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Orgsys's consulting services combine best business practices and best-in-class technology to reach business goals.
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As a trusted partner, customers rely on Orgsys to help drive the IT agenda, moving beyond cost cutting, and delivery, but towards innovation and optimization.
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Orgsys Consulting is a boutique consulting firm that specializes in management consulting and technology services for the industries.
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Ensuring the value of your ERP investment takes more than software.
With  a formidable team, deep domain and technical expertise, and innovative  engagement models, Orgsys can provide the depth and breadth of coverage that  your business demands.
Orgsys  provides a comprehensive array of critical ERP & IT Infrastructure related  services to optimize and leverage existing and emerging technology, thus  maximizing returns on investment.
Applications  that align with the strategic business direction offer the most value and  return on investment. Orgsys offers a comprehensive application management  services portfolio that supports companies in maintaining, running, retiring,  and optimizing their business applications.
Deciding  what to outsource, keep in house or completely overhaul can become a daunting  task for many organizations. It becomes especially challenging when having to  prioritize and align with business objectives.
Orgsys  Consulting is a boutique consulting firm that specializes in management  consulting and technology services for the industries. Our team comprises of  individuals with rich domain experience grounded in systems and technology  knowledge and we help our client achieve significant productivity gains and  improve business performance by aligning technology with business needs. Unlike  other consultancies or IT vendors, we take an integrated view of business  processes and IT solutions. This involves making full use of the latest  technology that suits business needs, and designing processes that make  business sense. This bridge the gap between technology and business, resulting  in maximum business gains for every technology dollar spent.
Orgsys  is trusted by clients to deliver sound and insightful recommendations and technological  implementations based on rigorous, fact-based application of business tools  that include business process management, lean thinking, six sigma, supply  chain management, warehouse/inventory management, production management,  aggregate planning, project management, and decision support systems. Orgsys is  well-versed in business process re-engineering across a wide range of  industries, particularly in a project driven environment.
We  take pride in our superior grasp of latest technologies available in the  market, and aim to partner and develop best in breed products to serve the  needs of the domain industry we focus on. Our value proposition and measurable  deliverables help us secure contracts from leading players in several  industries such as ship building, oil & gas, food manufacturing, logistics  and financial services. With strong operation, process and technology know-how,  our differentiating factors lies in our ability to understand, optimize and  improve business performance using technology as a critical enabler within a  short time frame.
Driven  by the motivation to use new and innovative ways to solve old problems and new  challenges, we pride ourselves as the agent of change in our mission to  translate advanced technology and solutions for better business!
As a trusted partner, customers rely on Orgsys to help drive the IT agenda, moving beyond cost cutting, and delivery, but towards innovation and optimization. Customers appreciate the global capabilities and the Midwest work-ethic mindset. And we are confident you will too.
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"Orgsys made our system with all authorization & security, that were missing in previous implementation by the other big company. Their system audit process was unmatched & very timely to comply with SAP submission dates."

EDP Manager, MTPL

"Orgsys has a team of knowledgeable and experienced people in the utilities space... we'r working with them for betterment of our IT system and we've had great results."

Finance Head, MTPL

"Orgsys was willing to go beyond what we had initially agreed..their ability to listen and (their) speed of delivery had been very good."

President, MTPL

To contact us or request for a callback,please complete your details.One of our representative will surely get back to you,in order to discuss with your requirements.
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